Canada’s International Development and La Francophonie Ministry has announced the country’s support for a project that aims to improve equality between women and men before the law in several Southeast Asian countries.

In the statement on August 13, Lois Brown, Parliamentary Secretary to Minister Christian Paradis, said the project will help ensure women have more equal access to judicial and adjudicatory mechanisms.

Countries benefiting from the project will be Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Brown stressed that the sustainable gender equality development is the need of all countries worldwide, adding that women's status must be improved, their rights must be respected, and their contributions must be recognised.

He noted the United Nations Convention also recognises women’s right to equally participate in the sustainable development of the society.

The official affirmed that his country is a world leader in promoting and protecting women’s rights, and that Canada is proud to help the Southeast Asian nations achieve greater gender equality before the law.-VNA