Noted Canadian painter Jean-Mauriece Gelinas handed his painting of President Ho Chi Minh to Vietnamese Ambassador to Canada To Anh Dung on the occasion of Vietnam's National Day.

Ambassador Dung said the painting was a priceless and meaningful gift, adding that the embassy would display it at a solemn place and consider it a concrete expression of the friendship between the two peoples.

Gelinas travelled throughout Vietnam during a month in 2010 and was impressed with the history and culture of the country. He especially admired President Ho.

When he learned about the President's friendship with Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, he decided to draw the President's portrait in the background of Picasso's Joy of Living painting.

The Montreal-based artist, who spent two months on the painting, said the most difficult part was not only trying to paint the President as he appeared in real life, but also expressing his beautiful and open soul.-VNA