Anti-flood solutions for urban areas are one the priorities for Hanoi 's water drainage plan for 2030, which is currently being compiled.

Vice chairman of the city People's Committee Nguyen Van Khoi ordered the plan to deal with flooding in inner-urban areas in the city, at a meeting with the capital's authorities on Dec. 19.

The city will focus on improving Yen So pumping station, upgrade the To Lich River drain, and raise the capacity of pumping stations of Co Nhue, Southern Thang Long, Dong My and Niem Mac, said Nguyen Thanh Hai, deputy director of the Vietnam Water and Environment Joint Stock Company, which is consulting the Government on the plan.

The plan will address water issues covering a 335,000-ha area, which is home to about 10.8 million residents, 70 percent of whom are urban residents, he said.

Solutions for collecting and processing wastewater for inner urban areas and core flooding areas remain a top priority in the city's water plan.

The city will build wastewater treatment systems at Bay Mau Lake and Yen So Park with capacities of 13,300 and 200,000 cubic metres per day.

However, the draft plan has shown shortcomings in dealing with water drainage in both urban and rural areas, according to Le Van Duc, deputy director of the city's Transport Department.

More effective solutions to build water drainage system for both sides of National Highways 6 and 32 and Thang Long Boulevard were advised to be added to the draft.

Director of the city Natural Resources and Environment Department Vu Van Hau said where and how to build wastewater treatment systems in order to minimise pollution for local residents is one of shortcomings.

In response to the questions, vice chairman Khoi said the draft needs to be perfected and include implementing a vision for 2050 and figure out investment capital for water drainage and wastewater treatment plants.

Departments of Construction and Agriculture and Rural Development have been assigned to match water drainage and irrigation plans before submitting the next draft to the city authorities, Khoi said./.