The Vietnam Women’s Union (VWV) Central Committee held a meeting in Hanoi on November 19 with female delegates attending the sixth Congress of Vietnam Catholics for National Construction and Defence.

The event aims to encourage Vietnamese Catholic women who are looking forwards to the 2013 Christmas Day to join the Party and the whole people in building and defending the country.

Home to over 15 million members, the VWV along with the female Catholic followers have been making significant contributions to the nation’s socio-economic development and political stability, said Chairwoman of the union Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa.

Delegates affirmed that they will continue upholding the spirit of mutual support and solidarity, while actively participating in patriotic emulation movements launched by the union.

Catholicism forms the second largest religious community in Vietnam after Buddhism, numbering 5.7 million, followed by Hoa Hao (1.4 million), Cao Dai (808,000), Protestantism (734,000), Islam (73,000), and Brahmanism (56,000).-VNA