Ceramic exhibition advocates for sea turtle conservation

To mark the World Sea Turtle Day (June 16), an exhibition was held recently in Hanoi to promote the conservation of sea turtles. Renowned visual artist Cao Thanh Tha crafted 1001 ceramic sea turtles for the display, each telling stories of sea turtle adventures, and highlighting Vietnam's efforts in conserving the animal.

The exhibition, the first of its kind in Vietnam, features 1001 ceramic turtles. They are arranged into groups, such as “Return”, “Beautiful Oceans", and “Future.”

The number 1001 symbolizes the alarming survival rate of sea turtles, with only one in a thousand hatchlings reaching maturity, underscoring the urgent threat of extinction.

Each turtle, crafted by hand, showcases unique shapes, colors, and expressions.

The exhibition, with one thousand baby turtles and a mature one, vividly portrays the life journey of sea turtles, from their playful ventures in ocean currents to their birthplace to maintain the life of next generations.

Statistics revealed a distressing decline in sea turtle nesting, with numbers plummeting from 10,000 annually in the 1980s to a mere 450 in 2019, signaling a severe 90% risk of extinction.

Beyond its artistic appeal, the exhibition of 1001 ceramic turtles serves as a call, urging collective action to safeguard marine environments and preserve biodiversity for a sustainable future./.