Among three Vietnamese gold winners of the International Chemistry Olympiad this year, Pham Duc Anh is the youngest and also the most special one. His elder brother used to pocket a bronze medal at the competition nine years ago. Let’s visit their home to find out more.

Pham Duc Anh, an 11th grader of the High School for the Gifted under the Hanoi National University, is the youngest among the four Vietnamese competitors at the contest.

Few people know that his passion and determination to study chemistry was inspired by his elder brother’s bronze medal at the same contest nine years ago. It is the motivation to change the colour of the medal that has urged him to conquer the most complicated chemistry formulas.

Duc Anh shared that his studying method, besides hard-working is efforts. It requires much of experiments in chemistry, which is a disadvantage of Vietnamese students. However, with the supports of his devoted teachers and his ceaseless effort, the young talent has brought pride to the homeland.

One bronze medal, and a gold one nine years later at the International Chemistry Olympiad, this is the biggest gift that the boys give their parents.

Duc Anh said, not like many other international contest winners, he will not study abroad. He will study at the Hanoi Medical University and become a doctor like what his parents are doing now.-VNA