During the outbreak of COVID-19 in Vietnam, Hanoi Medical University has always been at the forefront, ready to prevent the epidemic from spreading.

In light of that spirit, Hanoi Medical University once again participated in the clinical trials of vaccines to fight the COVID-19 disease.

As one of the youngest units of Hanoi Medical University, although it has only been established for 7 years, the Center for Clinical Pharmacology has initially proved its role.

The school trusted the center and gave it the task of implementing a COVIVAX vaccine clinical trial area.

A fully equipped clinical trial area has been urgently set up, to prepare for the Phase 1 clinical trial of a vaccine against COVID-19.

In a very short time, 10 rooms on the 3rd-floor area of the 15-story dormitory have been repaired and equipped with full facilities. Standard operating procedures are carried out and necessary personnel is provided to promptly serve the trial of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Vietnam./.