Comic book from young Vietnamese artist released in France

Last weekend, in Paris, a comic book by young Vietnamese artist Mai Bach and writer Maxime de Lisle depicting an expedition to Alaska was released.

The book, roughly translated as “A must-see expedition in Alaska”, is the first comic from a young Vietnamese artist to be released in France.

Based on a true story involving writer Maxime de Lisle, the nearly 70-page large-format comic, published by Delcourt Publishing, describes the exciting explorations of four young Frenchmen to the Inside Passage, an Atlantic coastal waterway.

Both he and Maxime are first-timers in the comic field, and they encountered many difficulties during the two years of production.

To mark its release, 25 original paintings for the stories are being exhibited until June 15 at the Achetez de l’Art gallery in the centre of Paris.

France is one of the leading countries in comic book publishing and consumption. According to figures from the French publishing industry, more than 5,000 new comics are released onto the French market every year, with readers aged 7 to 77./.