Lawmakers and experts gathered in Hanoi on August 17 to discuss the proposed establishment of a Constitutional Council to protect the 1992 Constitution, which is currently being amended.

Delegates at the workshop discussed whether it is necessary to set up a council to protect the Constitution and ensure that it is implemented in the correct manner.

They also considered the theoretical and practical foundations for the establishment of the council as well as its functions.

It was agreed that if the council is formed, it will work independently with other State agencies such as the National Assembly and its bodies, the Government and the People’s Court.

Addressing the event, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said the forthcoming amendments to the 1992 Constitution must institutionalise the Party’s guidelines along with the will and expectations of the people in building and perfecting the constitutional protection mechanism.

This institution must be in place to protect the Constitution and ensure that human and civil rights are defended, he stressed.-VNA