Together with farmers, businesses play a very important role in Vietnam’s new rural development. The Nghe An Agricultural Materials company, for example, has for many years helped farmers boost their productivity. A report by radio The Voice of Vietnam (VOV).

In response to a national programme of new rural development launched five years ago, the Nghe An Agricultural Materials Co. Ltd. has implemented a number of plans to help farmers. It has invested in applying the new production model of vast rice fields and improving fertiliser efficiency, while ensuring a stable outlet for farm products.

"The company has applied the model of vast rice fields in many provinces including Ha Tinh, Binh Dinh, Dak Lak, and Gia Lai. We have also started using one fertiliser per field to ensure high productivity. The model has proved effective and, in a number of communes in Ha Tinh province, 90 percent of the local farmers have applied this model on a large scale," said Truong Van Hien, the company’s General Director.

I n the past, local production was uneven. They used to plant more than one crop, and used different kinds of fertilisers in one field, which led to the appearance of insect pests and wasted water. Since the company started to apply the model of vast rice fields, which also involves the use of one kind of fertiliser per field, production has improved dramatically.

Hien attributes this success to the company’s policy of putting the farmers first.

"Because we want to succeed in this effort, we must place the farmers and their interests foremost. As we apply the model of vast rice fields, we offer the farmers good fertilisers and seeds, guarantee their productivity, and pledge to buy their products at prices 20 percent higher than those in the market. The most important thing is to use the best possible seeds and fertilisers, while offering peasants optimal conditions until they complete their production cycle," he said.

According to him, Vietnam’s new rural development requires the active participation of businesses and entrepreneurs. The involvement of businesses and entrepreneurs is integral to the success of the national new rural development programme because they can support the farmers with capital and advanced technologies.

"We’ve learned a good lesson in the application of the vast rice field model: that businesses and entrepreneurs should take the lead in this process to ensure the program’s success and sustainability," he said.

The company has applied the vast rice field model and advanced technologies to other crops such as corn, sweet potato, cassava, and sugarcane. The company is a role model for corporate involvement in the national programme of new rural development.-VNA