A Spanish-Vietnamese couple, Guim Teruel and Nguyen Thuy Anh will become the first people to travel around the world using solar-energy powered bicycles, report the Spanish Embassy in Hanoi.

At a press conference in Hanoi on February 14, Guim Teruel said that he began his journey around the world alone, departing from Beijing in China . During his journey, he travelled 14,000km, passing through 11 countries and territories.

He arrived in Vietnam in 2009 and was interviewed by Nguyen Thuy Anh, a reporter from Vietnam Television’s Channel VTV6. They later got married in 2010.

Teruel and his wife are planning to continue the journey from Vietnam to London in the UK and travel through 20 more countries, he said.

During their journey, the couple will write articles and film short video-clips of the places they have visited and send them to Channel VTV6 to broadcast, Thuy Anh revealed.

To encourage the use of clean energy and reduce travelling expenses, they plan to ride their bikes during summertime keeping their luggage down to a bare minimum, she added.

This is the first Spanish-Vietnamese couple to promote renewable energies and the virtues of exercise as well as contributing to encouraging exchanges between different cultures./.