A delegation from the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) took part in the 12 th International Conference on Pre-school Education in Monterey city, Mexico, on November 12-16.

Speaking at the conference, which attracted 1,500 delegates from 26 countries and 32 states of Mexico , the head of the Vietnamese delegation, Lam Phuong Thanh, stressed that the CPV pays detailed attention to educational development, especially for children.

Vietnam has issued many policies on pre-school education and provides children with the best opportunities, said Thanh, who is vice head of the CPV Central Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education.

A policy on universal educational for under-five-year-old children has been underway for over one year, bringing greater opportunities for children to enjoy society’s attention and care, he noted.

Vietnam defines pre-school education as one of the four objectives of the National Plan on Education for All, he said, adding that the pre-school network continues to develop.

The Vietnamese Government also has policies to support poor, disabled and ethnic minority children, which will provide them with school fees, books and learning tools, Thanh said.

Under the educational development strategy for 2020, Vietnam will fulfill its target to provide universal pre-school educational for under-five-year-old children by 2015, he said.

During their stay in Mexico , the Vietnamese guests were received by General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Mexico, Alberto Anaya.-VNA