The Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) (11th tenure) convened its eighth conference in Hanoi on September 30, under the chair of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

The conference will see debates and comments made on this year’s socio-economic performance, socio-economic development for 2014, three-year implementation of the 11th National Party Congress’s Resolution on socio-economic development and a draft project on basic and comprehensive renewal in education and training to meet industrialisation and modernisation needs.

During the event, the delegates will study the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution, review the decade-long implementation of the Resolution on the Strategy on Fatherland Defence adopted at the eighth conference of the CPVCC (11th tenure) and other important issues pertaining to Party building.

In an opening speech, General Secretary Trong brought up issues for in-depth discussion, relating to education renewal, the amendments to the 1992 Constitution, the making of a strategy to defend the country in the new circumstance and the Party building work.

Regarding socio-economic development, he suggested the delegate analyse and come up with accurate assessments of the country’s socio-economic situation, focusing on the execution of the three adopted strategic breakthroughs in association with growth model change and economic restructuring.

The analysis and assessments will help outline major viewpoints, instructions, goals, tasks and measures for the country in 2014 and in the 2014-15 period, aiming to realise the 11th National Party Congress’s Resolution with maximal outcomes, he said.

The Party General Secretary also pointed to the review of the ten-year implementation of the Resolution on the Strategy on Fatherland Defence issued at the eighth conference of the CPVCC as critical in the new circumstance.

The work aims at analysing and evaluating comprehensively, profoundly and systematically the current situation facing the country and lay down proper and orientations, policies and measures that soundly fit the country’s requirements and tasks arisen from the new situation, Party chief Trong emphasised.

In the speech, he also talked about the issuance of regulations on election in the Party and the establishment of sub-committees to prepare for the Party’s 12th Congress, which will be considered and decided during this session.

He requested the delegates bring into full play their sense of responsibility when analysing and debating the raised issues in order to generate profound ideas for reports and projects that can be decided at the end of the conference.

The conference is scheduled to conclude on October 9./.