To make a beautiful and tasty mooncake, the most important task is to form the shape of the cake. That is when the mooncake mould becomes handy and indispensible in making a cake. A small village in Tien Phong commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi has been making moulds and distributing them throughout the country.

During every Mid-Autumn festival, mooncakes are an indispensible part of every offering tray. They are classified into two types: Banhnuong and Banhdeo – Baked mooncake and Sticky rice mooncake. To create a distinctive look for each cake, the mould plays an important role.

Across 35 years of living and breathing with the trade, Tran Van Ban has made countless moulds and has mastered the art of making mooncake moulds.

The process of making one mooncake mould is exhaustive and meticulous. The wood used for mould making needs to be tough yet resilient enough to withstand pressure. The whole block will be trimmed and redesigned to customers’ requirements. The intricate patterns on the mould require careful and mindful preparation as it can ruin the cake.

Under the talented craftsmanship, the artisan has created hundreds of moulds varied in size and shape. From the traditional mould resembling the lotus, rose and calendula to shrimp, fish and crab mold. Unsung artisans like Tran Van Ban and other households like his have contributed to a more fulfilling holiday./.