Granma Newspaper, the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, has published an article and photos highlighting achievements in Vietnam’s renewal process and economic development.

The author of the article, Karina Marron Gonzalez, who has recently visited Vietnam, expressed her impression in Vietnam’s socio-economic achievements and Vietnamese people’s hospitality.

The article described strong development in Vietnam from cities to rural areas across the country, the mushrooming of high-rise and modern buildings and wide roads. It also introduced Vietnam’s experience in promoting multi-sector economy.

Apart from paying attention to increasing the production of rice and coffee, the sectors that Vietnam ranks second in the world in export, Vietnam is also exerting every effort to push other sectors such as dairy production, textile and garment, footwear, tourism and industry, it said.

According to the author, the week-long visit to Vietnam helped Cuban friends see Vietnam’s successes in developing its economy with their own eyes.

Concluding the article, Karina said there are many similarities between Cuba and Vietnam, adding that the two countries are always side by side in their path to development.-VNA