Dak Lak urges for Gong culture preservation

Located at the heart of South Central Highlands, Dak Lak is home to a population of nearly 1.8 million people, including 47 ethnic groups. For generations, the Gong is of great importance to communities in region in general and Dak Lak in particular. The province has decided to spend nearly 880,000 USD to boost Cong culture preservation and development.

Currently, Dak Lak has nearly 2,100 gong sets, 3,855 solo gong players, 393 gong tuners and 635 gong teacher. In order to prevent the Gong culture from falling into oblivion, the province will promote Gong cultural heritage on several multimedia means, retrace unique traditional festivals associating with the Gong cultural activities.

Besides, the province will also develop community-based tourism, research, collect and teach ancient Gong tunes of Edu and M’nong ethnic groups for young generation.

The province strives to have Gong teams and classes in all ethnic villages as well as promoting the preservation and development of Gong culture legacy of ethnic races in the region./.