Defence cooperation between Vietnam and the US has seen good outcomes in the recent past, Defence Minister General Phung Quang Thanh noted during a reception on May 27 for US Senator John McCain, who is on his visit to Vietnam.

Minister Phung Quang Thanh said the two sides have worked together effectively in the fields of training, military medicine, UXO clearance, overcoming Agent Orange/dioxin consequences as well as the search for war soldiers’ remains.

He said the US senator’s visit creates a good opportunity for two sides to discuss other fields for cooperation.

The minister expressed hope that Senator John McCain, in his capacity, will help expand collaboration between two nations.

For his part, the US senator spoke highly of recent development in the bilateral relations while stressing that defence sector is the backbone of all cooperation. He affirmed that the visit is a chance for him to talk with relevant Vietnamese agencies on promoting bilateral relations and addressing the war consequences.

The senator also thanked Vietnam for its assistance in the search for US soldiers’ remains.

He said he hopes the two countries will continue with sharing experience in education model and humanitarian support while pushing ahead with efforts to address the consequences of Agent Orange/dioxin and search for soldiers’ remains-VNA