A documentary film entitled “Del amor y los muertos” (About Love and the Dead) featuring specific characteristics in Vietnamese people’s cultural and spiritual lives has come into Cuban audience’s sight.

The 30-minute film, directed by Guillermo Centeno, records the image of Vietnam after wars with serious effects of Agent Orange/dioxin, Vietnamese people’s love with their country, families and friends as well as spiritual strings between the living and the dead.

Based on real figures in life, the film also describes a loyal friendship between Vietnam and Cuba through Vietnamese people who have ever lived, studied and worked in Cuba.

“With this film, we again see the Vietnamese people and a heroic Vietnam country which had for decades struggled for national liberation and unification and always stands side by side with Cuba,” said Manuel Perez, director of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC).

He added that Cuba had made a number of newsreels and documentaries on Vietnam to show its solidarity with the Southeast Asian country, including “Hanoi, Tuesday, 13th” and “79 Springs” directed by Santiago Alvarez.

The “About Love and the Dead” film was first screened at the Riviera cinema in Havana on Feb. 19./.