Dong Xam silver village has been famous in the Northern Delta for 600 years. Today, due to market demand, all the previously sophisticated silver-carving works have to be replaced with bronze.

Now Dong Xam’s products mostly consist of worship items, religious objects, decorative paintings or watch parts. Nevertheless, each product is still carved by the hands of skillful artisans, with each soft and delicate pattern shows the skill of their craftsmanship.

The silver products now are not ready-made for purchase but only for orders . During the flourishing period, Dong Xam village artisans even went to the ancient capital of Hue to work for the royal court.

Although each village has its own secrets to create its own distinguishing mark, as well as the spirit and uniqueness of its brainchilds, Dong Xam village can still hold its ground and assert its position on the market./.