Driver calling service for drinkers becomes more popular

A new law that bans people from driving after they have consumed alcohol has sparked a start-up idea that involves a driver turning up to take the intoxicated customers home in their own vehicle.

Through facebook, zalo or other mobile apps, restaurants and bars can now help their inebriated customers to get home safely. These services are now being used by thousands of people. One founder said the service is not-for-profit and simply helps drivers and drinkers connect.

The ride-hailing service costs 300,000 VND for motorbikes and 500,000 VND for cars. There are a number of restaurants utilizing these services already to get their consumers home safely.

Similar services and applications can be found in many countries due to drink driving laws. In Vietnam, the services have appeared in recent years and are relatively unknown.

However, this service is not without its drawbacks as intoxicated customers will have a hard time negotiating or exchanging information with drivers and problems may arise./.