Efforts needed to observe labour law hinh anh 1Youths seek jobs (Source: VNA)
Speeding up the implementation of the Law on Social Insurance will enable millions of labourers in non-official sectors to access social insurance, securing themselves and the society, said Bui Sy Loi, Deputy Head of the National Assembly Committee on Social Affairs. 

Currently, only about 20 percent of the country’s work force has social insurance, forecasting a heavy burden on the State to care for millions of workers retiring without pensions, he noted at a conference on August 5 to discuss measures to realise the revised Law on Social Insurance and complete labour-related laws. 

He stressed that reinforced efforts from State agencies, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour and employers are needed to popularise the revised Law on Social Insurance, approved by the National Assembly in November 2014 and going into effect on January 1, 2016 with new policies. 

It will help expand the number of people with social insurance, said Loi. 

According to experts, the new law aims at two major goals: ensuring social security access for people through the expansion and adjustment of policies for larger coverage of social insurance; and guaranteeing the balance of the social security fund by building a suitable roadmap to amend pension calculation formulas. 

During the event, participants also pointed out difficulties and challenges facing the implementation of the revised law. They also proposed policies to enhance the role and responsibility of trade unions in observing labourers’ rights. 

They highlighted the need for continuous completion of legal regulations on labour to meet requirements of labour development and international economic integration.-VNA