The price of electricity increases by 5 percent to 1,437 VND (0.06 USD), excluding VAT for one kWh from December 22, following a circular issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on December 20.

The retail price of electricity for households will increase from 66-115 VND, based on the price escalation chart.

But the price of electricity for low-income households, who use less than 50kWh per month, will remain unchanged at 933 VND per kWh.

Other households will have to pay 1,350 VND for their first 100kWh, up 66 VND over the current price. They will be charged an extra 88 VND per kWh (from current 1,457 VND to 1,545 VND) from their 101st kWh while those using from 151-200 kWh will pay 1,947 VND per kWh.

The electricity prices for voltages of over 110kV will range from 754 VND to 2,117 VND per kWh. For voltages up to 110kV it will rise between 783 VND to 2,263 VND per kWh.

This is the second time prices have been hiked this year, after a 5 percent increase in July.-VNA