The Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt is ready to welcome Vietnamese guest workers who have to evacuate from Libya due to escalating conflicts.

On August 4, a working group went to Salloum border gate about 700km to the northwest of Cairo to assist in entry procedures for 28 Vietnamese workers from Benghazi city, where clashes are worsening.

Ambassador Dao Thanh Chung said that this is the first group of evacuees transiting via Egypt. They will be provided with accommodations until they fly back home.

Earlier, the embassy held working sessions with the Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s Consular Services Department on measures to facilitate the evacuation of Vietnamese workers from Libya. The Egyptian side agreed to extend the transit time from 12 hours to 72 hours for Vietnamese labourers.

The Republic of Korea’s Hyundai AMCO Co. Ltd., which employs 682 Vietnamese workers at its project in the eastern city of Al-Beida, has hired aircraft to bring the workers to Egypt. The first 150 Vietnamese workers will be airlifted to Cairo on August 5.

Meanwhile, foreman Bui Sy Phong at the Al-Khalij power plant, the northern coastal province of Sirte, said more than 130 Vietnamese along with their RoK and Philippine worker fellows here will be taken to Istanbul, Turkey, by aircraft on August 9 and 10, from where they will fly back to their home country.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Libya Dao Duy Tien said the embassy is exerting every effort to send the Vietnamese back home as soon as possible, particularly those working in Tripoli and Benghazi cities.

Some 1,050 of the total 1,550 Vietnamese guest workers in the North African country are scheduled to evacuate in the next several days.-VNA