The Vietnam Federation on Disability (VFD), the Irish Aid Programme, and the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) held a workshop in Hanoi on February 10 to review the implementation of the national project on supporting people with disabilities between 2012 and 2020.

Participants shared their experience in designing plans to support the disabled and proposed measures to enhance the capacity and responsibility of all ministries and sectors to carry out National Project 1019. National Project 1019 is focused on the social integration of people with disabilities through developing and enhancing links of disabled associations.

Over the past two years, cities and provinces across the country have worked hard to popularise the Party and State’s policies, guidelines, and legal documents supporting the disabled; raise public awareness of the issue; and protect and promote their rights in society.

Authorities have also carried out welfare policies, such as organising vocational training, generating jobs, enhancing handicap-accessible public transport, and facilitating business operation.

Shortcomings remain in project implementation, however, such as the slow progress in building and upgrading public facilities and roads for the disabled; low social subsidies; uncompassionate care staff; and limited mechanisms to support employment opportunities.

Participants suggested ministries and sectors issue regulations on support for businesses which employ workers with disabilities while receiving more disabled homeless individuals at social welfare centres and ensuring access to public facilities.

National Project 1019 is being carried out between 2012 and 2015 in Hanoi, Quang Tri, Quang Nam, and Binh Dinh. It aims to create equal access for the disabled to socio-economic services and social activities.-VNA