Entitled 'Forever with Time', the exhibition introduces 70 artworks including paintings and sculptures taken from both the Vietnam Military History Museum and the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.

Created by 62 artists, including 17 soldier-artists, these paintings genuinely portray soldiers during wartime.  

The artworks depict unforgettable memories of those days, as well as expressing the deepest gratitude to the heroic Vietnamese mothers, militias, medical doctors and nurses and all the people who contributed their lives to our glorious victory.

The sculptures at the exhibition show the endurance of people during the wars, along with pain and loss.

Diverse in styles, genres and mediums, the artworks displayed at the exhibition will stir vivid imaginations of the public about the glorious national history that must always be remembered and cherished.

The exhibition runs until July 28 at Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts, 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc street in Hanoi./.