Hanoi (VNA) – A month-long exhibition on Australia’s Canning Stock Route and its history is underway at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi from May 18 to June 19.

The event was organised by the Australian Embassy to Vietnam with the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to tell the story of the historic stock route’s impact on Aboriginal people and Australia.

The Canning Stock Route was surveyed and created by Alfred Canning in the early 1900s as pastoralists raising beef cattle in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia needed to bring their cattle to markets in the south, said Australian Ambassador Hugh Borrowman.

It runs for almost 1,850 kilometres, crossing many diverse Aboriginal communities, he added.

On display are reproductions of paintings by about 60 artists from different Aboriginal groups to tell how the route has changed their and their families’ lives, how Aboriginal people met Western people and the stories of contact, conflict and survival along the route.

The event is part of an ongoing exhibition in Australia that showcases 116 contemporary artworks, from sculptures, paintings to documentaries, reflecting the perspectives of Aboriginal people on the route.-VNA