Vinpearl Land South Hoi An is considered one of the “must try” destinations for any visitors to the central region of Viet Nam.

Of note, visitors cannot ignore typical features of all three regions’ traditional cultures which are demonstrated and performed meticulously and subtly right in the heart of Vinpearl Land: the Island of folk Culture. The Island of Folk Culture showcases Viet Nam’s famous traditional craft villages.

The first craft village is the one that produces giay do (a type of paper used for Dong Ho traditional paintings). Here, any visitors can observe and experience the whole process of making paper by hand and decorate masks made from this special paper material.

For those who are curious about the process of making Viet Nam’s well-known silk products, the textile zone will be an ideal place. Here, any visitors can learn about the raising of silkworm, and experience silk reeling, spinning and weaving.

Witnessing the whole process of producing a silk sheet through various complicated steps will be a very interesting experience for visitors. One more special place, that is the pottery village – where talented hands unleash their artistic creativity.

Through the enthusiastic guidance of artisans, visitors can create their own pottery items. This is a very interesting experience, especially for children. With the aim to preserve typical cultural values of the nation, the Island of Folk Culture has been and will be providing useful knowledge for visitors.

Each year, the island attracts hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign visitors./.