According to the artist, his style of comic creation and illustration comes from distilling the essence of shapes, lines, and colours of traditional art with a clear yet childlike view.

The public is familiar with crickets from the famous writings of author To Hoai. When spending time at Ta Huy Long’s Seventh Workshop, visitors are sure to be surprised by the variety of and expressions in drawings of crickets, works of folk and legendary worlds that the artist presents in the art space.

The public can also watch him meticulously create artworks with his very own identity. In particular, they can admire his unique sketches done over the years.

Visitors to the studio will experience a wide range of emotions from lacquer, watercolour, and gouache works, as well as pop-up versions of installations and sculptures. Many materials are displayed in an improvised but realistic way during the creation of a particular work. It will be open every Saturday afternoon until December 31./.