External information work should keep up with digital technology trends: experts ​ hinh anh 1A forum seeks solutions to enhance the effectiveness of management of external information work (Photo courtesy of the forum organiser)

Hanoi (VNA) – An online forum on the management of external information work, such as information targeting foreign audiences and overseas Vietnamese in the digital era, was held on August 27 to assess the current situation and enhance the management of external information activities. 

The Vietnam Journalists Association (VJA) held the event in coordination with the Academy of Journalism and Communication and the Foreign Ministry’s World and Vietnam newspaper to mark the 77th founding anniversary of the diplomatic service.

In his opening remarks, VJA Vice Chairman Tran Trong Dung stressed that the guidance and management of external information work are highly important for the work to enhance Vietnam’s image and position in the eye of international friends and partners. 

According to Dung, in the digital era, external information work should adopt the latest digital technology trends, especial those on social media platforms and multimedia communication tools, to diversify the methods of information popularization. 

He said that only by doing so could the work fulfil its task of creating an international environment favourable for multi-lateral diplomacy and serving as a bridge connecting Vietnam and the world. 

The VJA Vice Chairman noted that press agencies should provide full, timely and accurate information on the orientations and policies of the Party and State while proactively countering hostile forces’ inaccurate information that distorts the image of Vietnam.  

Ha Minh Hue, former Deputy General Director of the State-owned Vietnam News Agency and former Vice Chairman of the VJA, said information work in general and external information specifically faces a range of challenges as well as favourable conditions, requiring smart response by managerial officials and those who directly work in the field. 

According to him, external information work now covers more aspects in more languages and diverse forms, as well as reaches a greater audience volume. Therefore, it is a challenge for managerial officials to ensure that the information provided is accurate, timely and meets readers’ expectations. He added that information serving foreign and domestic audiences must also be consistent.

Secondly, with the limitless multimedia capacity, external information providers must design quality products from articles to broadcasting programmes to meet the demand of foreign audiences and overseas Vietnamese. Finally, he stressed that mainstream information should be fast and accurate.

Thirdly, it is necessary to constantly renew and diversify the content and methods of information delivery through investing in training the contingent of officials in journalism and foreign language skills and the capacity to use new media and digital technology

Tran Tien Duan, Editor-in-chief of the Vietnam News Agency’s electronic newspaper VietnamPlus, pointed to shortcomings in external information work. He said the contingent of journalists engaging in external information work is few in number and limited in capability, and in-depth information is lacking. 

External information work should keep up with digital technology trends: experts ​ hinh anh 2Tran Tien Duan, Editor-in-chief of the Vietnam News Agency’s electronic newspaper VietnamPlus (Screen shot) 

He urged management agencies to continue to organize training courses and professional forums in handling information for foreign audiences in foreign languages and international events to promote the country’s image.  

Duan also underlined the importance of coordination among press and external information management agencies and the VJA, which he said will help provide timely orientations and coordinate actions in the field of external information service. 

Senior advisor of the VJA’s training centre Dinh Thi Thuy Hang shared that the external information sector should better use digital media platforms to diversify their communication forms and reach a wider audience. 

In her opinion, relevant State agencies should also conduct surveys among overseas Vietnamese about their interest in international and regional issues to help domestic press agencies in external information work./.