The National Assembly on June 20 adopted five more laws, including the Law on Price, the Law on Judicial Assessment, the Law on Law Dissemination and Education, the Law on Dealing with Administrative Violations and the amended Law on Trade Union.

The Law on Price stipulates that the State manages prices under market mechanism and respects organisations and individuals’ rights to decide the price of their products.

The State will stabilise the prices of oil and gas products, electricity, fertiliser, NPK fertiliser, vaccines for poultry and cattles, milk for children under six years of age, sugar, unprocessed rice and rice, essential medicine for human.

The State will decide the prices of goods and services of its monopoly, important resources and national reserves, public products and public services.

The Law on law dissemination and education stipulates citizens’ right to access legal information and responsibility to study the law.

The law prohibits the dissemination of distorted legal contents, the provision of information and materials that goes against the truth, the law, social ethics and fine traditions. The law also bans the dissemination of hostile policies to sow divisions in national great unity and violate the State’s interest and agencies, organisations and individuals’ legitimate rights and interests, in the name of popularising legal information.

The amended law on trade union defines the trade union’s responsibility to protect workers’ legitimate rights and interest be they are members of the trade union or not.

The law does not stipulate foreign workers’ right to join the Vietnam Trade Union.

The NA is scheduled to adopt a number of Laws and regulations on June 21 and wrap up its third session on the afternoon of the same day.-VNA