Hanoi's Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control on August 9 opened Thanh Liet Floodgate to discharge water from Nhue River into To Lich River, to ease rising flood waters and prevent flooding in the nation's capital.

The decision came after Nhue River overflowed at several locations on the morning of August 9 due to torrential rains caused by tropical storm Mangkhut.

Average rainfall reached approximately 200mm during the past few days, causing the river to swell.

The city's High Command also sent of hundreds of soldiers to control the rising flood waters.

"This is the second time the city has to open the floodgate to save Hanoi since the historic flood in 2008," said Deputy Director of the city's Agriculture and Rural Development Department Ha Duc Trung, adding that there is a strict process and district co-ordination involved with opening the floodgate.

The floodgate was opened as Nhue River 's water levels overwhelmed To Lich River, he said.

Authorities assigned the Hanoi Sewerage and Drainage Company to open the gate.

Trung added that the company needed to discharge water from Nhue River into To Lich River using the Thanh Liet Floodgate and proceed to pump the rising water into Hong (Red) River via the Yen So Pumping Station.

"We do not calculate exactly how long the flood gate would be opened, it almost depends on the amount of water from Nhue River that needs to be discharged", he said.

The measure reduced imminent flooding for both the outer and inner districts of the city in 2008, he said.

Nhue River is 76km in length and runs from Tu Liem District to Ha Nam Province.

Storm Mangkhut, the sixth tropical storm of this year, weakened as a tropical low pressure system on August 8 after creating landfall in the country's north-eastern provinces.

The storm brought flash floods and caused landslides and widespread damage to communities.-VNA