Scholars and experts from Vietnam and Russia gathered at a seminar in Hanoi on November 16 to discuss bilateral relations in the 21 st century.

Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam Director, Dang Dinh Quy, Director of the ASEAN Research Centre under the Moscow State Institute of International Relations ( MGIMO University ), Victor Sumsky, and Russian Ambassador to Vietnam, Andrey Kovtun, all affirmed that the traditional ties of friendship between the two countries have been fostered through periods. The 21 st century has already witnessed the time-honoured bilateral relationship develop further.

The two countries presently assume active roles in mechanisms of international cooperation frameworks, and work with the international community to address regional and international issues.

The seminar offered a valuable opportunity for the two countries’ scholars to discuss measures designed to promote the strategic partnership, especially in security, economics, trade, culture, and education cooperation.

The focus of the seminar was reform processes in Vietnam and Russia over the past 20 years, bilateral relations between Vietnam and Russia in the 21 st century, Vietnamese-
Russian relations in East Asia , and Vietnamese-Russian cooperation on global issues.

They also discussed ways to help the two countries make practical contributions to each nation’s individual development strategy, as well as peace and stability in Southeast Asia and the world.-VNA