Fokienia forest in Quang Nam recognised as heritage tree hinh anh 1A fokienia tree (Source:Internet)
Quang Nam (VNA) - The Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) on May 10 recognised a population of 725 perennial fokienia trees in the central province of Quang Nam as heritage trees of Vietnam. 

The trees, are located in the Axan and Tr’hy communes in Tay Giang district.

According to provincial forest management authorities, as many as 1,336 fokienia trees are growing in an area of 240 hectares of land. Of which, 1,243 have a diameter of 10 centimetres or above. The largest one has a diameter of 7.52 metres.

All of the population recognised by the VACNE has a diameter of at least 1.5 metres.

The recognition is expected to help protect the rare and valuable trees and make the forest an attractive tourist destination.

Fokienia, which is also native from southeastern China and Laos, is a valuable tree with a specific aroma, beautiful wood and free of termites. It produces high quality timber used for artworks and furniture.

In Vietnam, it grows on limestone or granite terrain above 200 altitude.It was listed as an endangered species of Vietnam and in the Vietnam Red Book.-VNA