Following President Ho Chi Minh’s footsteps: a constant belief hinh anh 1Nguyen Huu Phuc - Former Deputy Director of the Department of Organization and Training under Ministry of Culture and Information (now Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism). (Photo: VietnamPlus).

Hanoi (VNA) – President Ho Chi Minh, when he was still alive, always trusted the youth, and paid special attention to youth work as well as to intensifying the Party’s leadership over youth work and youth union activities.

The value of late President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings for youths and youth union activities has remained intact.

“On those days, we were just 15/16-year-old students and joined the common struggle of the nation without fear or wondering what we would gain or lose. Stories of Uncle Ho's journey to find a way to save the country, traveling across the five continents and then returning to lead the revolutionary cause to overcome all hardships and dangers inspired us to take action,” said Le Duc Van (His real name is Nguyen Huu Phuc), a former member of Hanoi’s Hoang Dieu Citadel National Salvation Youth Union.

Spiritual fulcrum

Although Phuc is now over 90, the memory of the days when he was immersed in the revolution before the 1945 General Uprising remained intact in his mind.

He said, at any time, the images and stories of the late President - the Father of the nation - are always one of the spiritual fulcrums for him and his friends to shine on themselves.

To meet the revolution’s requirements, the Hoang Dieu Citadel National Salvation Youth Union was set up in August 1944 at No.44 Bat Dan street, with around 60 members. Phuc, who at that time was a student of the Buoi high school, was a member. In the following months, the organisation intensified dissemination information on the Viet Minh Front as well as the Party’s revolutionary guidelines under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh at markets, schools, theatres and factories in both downtown Hanoi and surrounding areas such as Ha Dong and Son Tay.

Phuc recalled, “Although we had to continuously move from these places to other places to avoid being chased by gumshoes, we did not feel tired. Especially since taking part in a training class for Party members in Cam Giang in Hai Duong district in 1944, I became deeply aware of the significance of the national struggle as well as the succession of Vietnamese generations for national independence, thus helping consolidate confidence in the path that the Party and Uncle Ho had chosen”.

The class was named after Hoang Van Thu – a leader of the Party who had just been killed by the enemy. “This name reminded us that, when one soldier fell down, there would be another patriotic young person ready to follow,” he added.

“Young people are ready whenever they are needed”

Phuc and other members of the Hoang Dieu Citadel National Salvation Youth Union tried many ways to spread leaflets in various streets and even small alleys.

With courage and intelligence, members of the Hoang Dieu Citadel National Salvation Youth Union also held lectures on streets or in crowded areas in front of the police. “We shouted slogans to support Viet Minh and oppose invaders. The speakers then quickly withdrew, leaving behind just a national flag,” Phuc recalled.

Those lectures aimed at inspiring patriotism among youths and people from all walks of life.

Following President Ho Chi Minh’s footsteps: a constant belief hinh anh 2Demonstration to gain administration on August 19, 1945 at Office of King’s Special Envoy to North Vietnam (File Photo).

The youth union published the Hon Nuoc (Soul of the Nation) newspaper secretly and canvassed young people in Hanoi to prepare for an uprising to seize power.

Phuc said that publishing the newspaper was the way the Hoang Dieu Citadel National Salvation Youth Union followed Uncle Ho to raise public awareness. The late President said that the press was a sharp political and ideological weapon to fight the nation’s enemies.

“At any time or place, we always remembered President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings, that Hanoi’s youths should act as an example for the entire nation’s youth, strengthen solidarity, helping each other, taking care of children, and fulfilling heavy tasks assigned by the State and people,” shared Phuc.

After the August Revolution, the Hoang Dieu Citadel National Salvation Youth Union and people nationwide exerted every effort to protect the revolutionary government.

Phuc recalled on October 7, 1945, about four hours after receiving instructions of the Party and Uncle Ho, Hanoi’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union sent its members to streets, offices, factories and schools to canvass the masses to join the struggle.

In late 1946, the situation in Hanoi became tense. French colonialists opened fire and sent ultimatums demanding the control of the capital.

Following the appeal of President Ho Chi Minh for national resistance, the Hoang Dieu youth union continued taking part in the nation’s resistance war against France.

The youth union member Nguyen Huu Phuc, and other young men and women of the capital city, continued devoting their youth to the cause of safeguarding national independence, thus contributing to the historic victory on October 10, 1954./.