The highest fine for food safety and hygiene violations will be increased threefold, according to a new decree issued by the Government.

According to the decree, the highest fine will be 100 million VND (4,700 USD) instead of 30 million VND (1,400 USD) as regulated in Decree 45 issued in 2005.

Depending on the level of breaches, violators can have their food safety and hygiene certifications withdrawn and processing equipment confiscated.

The decree also regulates that people using meat or meat products which are not quarantined to make other products will be fined 3-5 million VND (140-240 USD).

People using unsafe materials or materials with unclear origins to process food will be fined 10-15 million VND (470-710 USD).

The fine of 20-40 million VND (950-1,900 USD) will be imposed on people using toxic additives to process food.

A higher fine of 30-50 million VND (1,400-2,380 USD), will be imposed on people using banned materials.
They can also have their food safety and hygiene certificates withdrawn if they repeat their violation.

According to uncompleted statistics of the Vietnam Food Administration, nearly 80,000 food enterprises across the country, making up nearly 30 percent of the total, were discovered to have violated food safety and hygiene regulations this year.

The decree will be put into effect on December 25.-VNA.