Fun for kids in recycled playgrounds

As kids living on the outskirts of HCM City have few playgrounds to have fun in, the city’s Youth Union decided to build them some. What makes these playgrounds so special is that all of the equipment is made from recycled materials.

This vacant plot of land belonging to the Cay Sop Town People’s Committee is being transformed into a playground by volunteers. None are experts in making toys or equipment but all enjoy the excitement of creating swings, slides, and seesaws from recycled materials like plastic bottles and old tyres.

Recycled playgrounds have become a familiar sight in HCM City, especially in its outlying areas, where there are few spaces for kids. They are built on abandoned plots of land, public land, and even an old dump. Boring old areas are now full of smiling kids after being transformed into playgrounds.

Recycled playgrounds not only provide kids with fun games but also educate them on environmental protection.

Fifteen recycled playgrounds have been opened in HCM City over the last two years and are expected to educate kids on the importance of recycling - a key element of protecting our living environment./.