Many Latin American countries have praised General Vo Nguyen Giap following the news on his death.

The Venezuelan foreign ministry, in its communique, said the passing away of the General is a loss to the country’s people, and that President Nocolas Maduro has expressed deepest condolences over the great loss by the fraternal Vietnamese people.

The president also affirmed that although General Giap has passed away, yet he has left an example of wisdom and bravery.

Meanwhile, a leading daily of Argentina, the Clarin, said the book on the people’s war and people’s army by the General can be taken as a manual on the guerilla warfare.

The Mercurio, one of the major dailies of Chile, also ran an article affirming that General Giap is one of the leaders most revered in Vietnam thanks to his contributions to the struggle for national independence.

Mexican state news agency NOTIMEX stressed that General Vo Nguyen Giap is one of the greatest figures of the 20th century, while the electronic daily Las 24 horas praised the deceased as a military genius who helps expel many armies of foreign aggressors. The Colima university has extended condolences to the Vietnamese embassy in Mexico and leaders of the Labour Party of the country is preparing to publish a number of articles and books in the military field by the General.-VNA