Google is the most popular website in Vietnam with visits by 48 percent of internet users, a survey by market research company Cimigo has found.

At the end of last year, almost 27 million people, or around 31 percent of the population, were using the Internet.

Google, including and, is popular across genders, age groups, economic classes and geographical regions, according to the Vietnam NetCitizens Report 2011 done in November and December last year and released on April 26.

Google is the top site for search with 89 percent of people using the internet to search opting for it.

For news, is the most popular with 16 percent, followed by, and with 15 and 8 percent.

In the online entertainment category, YouTube leads in watching and downloading movies with 14 and 11 percent, respectively.

Zing is the leader in listening to and downloading music with 49 and 55 percent.

Sixty-five percent of email users and chatters choose Yahoo!. is the favourite for online shopping with 13 percent, while is preferred by 23 percent of e-banking users.

Almost 90 percent of users access the internet more than once a week and more than 60 percent do it daily.

They spend an average of 140 minutes a day, rising to 160 minutes in Hanoi and 150 minutes in HCM City .

The most popular activity on the internet is information gathering with those using for news representing 94 percent and search, 92 percent. It was followed by listening to music and research for school and office work, with 78 and 72 percent. /.