PM Chinh affirmed that the traditional friendship and comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between Vietnam and China is the top priority in Vietnam’s foreign policy.

Regarding the goods congestion at border gates between the two countries, Chinh underlined that both sides should coordinate closely and adopt effective and drastic solutions to this problem.

The Vietnamese leader also asked China to continue increasing imports and accelerate the opening of its market to some agricultural products of Vietnam.

Sharing his Vietnamese counterpart’s view, Premier Li stressed that China attaches great importance to the ties with Vietnam.

Li highlighted his attention to Vietnam’s recommendations about economic, trade, and investment links, considering this as an important field in bilateral cooperation.

He suggested both sides set up a joint working group to continue dealing with the goods congestion at border gates, thereby facilitating Vietnamese farm products' entry into China and maintain the trade flow.

The two government leaders also agreed to maintain channels of discussion about land border and sea-related issues, promote consensus, iron out differences, and maintain common peace and stability./.