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HCM City (VNS/VNA) - The Government has issued a resolution to amend Ho Chi Minh City’s land use plans for the period until 2020.

Following the changes, the city will convert 26,246 hectares of agricultural land into non-agricultural land by 2020, raising the total area of the latter to 118,890ha, or 56.9 percent of the city’s total land area.

By 2020 there will be 88,005ha of agricultural lands, 309ha of unused lands, 913ha of lands for technology parks and 62,704ha of urban lands.

The Government has instructed the city to identify and publicise lands for rice cultivation and protect them and review zoning plans for sectors, industries and localities to ensure they dovetail with the amendments.

The adjustments are based on the city’s socio-economic development, national defence and security needs.

City authorities are required to regulate the allocation of resources, especially public funds, equitably between areas optimal for industrial, urban and services development and those for growing rice and forests.

They are also required to adopt proper methods to reduce production costs and improve the incomes of farmers so that they feel secure.

They need to strengthen investment in social and technical infrastructure to ensure comprehensive and uniform development of the city.

They are required to properly administer lands zoned for the development of urban, economic and industrial zones.

The Government has instructed the city authorities to step up inspections to ensure land is used as planned and prevent and penalise violations.

They are required to prevent leasing of land and change of land use purpose where it is not approved by the amended plans.

They are also required to publicise legal provisions governing land use to improve awareness and create a database on land.

The People’s Committee has been entrusted with reporting on the implementation of land use plans to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources for reporting to the Government and the National Assembly.

The ministry will collaborate with relevant agencies to regularly check the conversion of forest land based on the approved plans.-VNS/VNA