Fifty-five percent of students wish to work for foreign-invested companies, making these institutions the top choice of working environment for graduates, according to an annual survey conducted by human resource consulting firm, Nhan Viet Management Group.

The survey, done in August and November, covered more than 900 students of IT, business administration, financial and banking, electrical and electronics engineering, foreign trade, foreign languages and several others disciplines in Hanoi and HCM City .

Results of the survey, released last week, also show that the preferred foreign companies maintain programmes to help boost student talents.

Students in HCM City show the higher preference for employment with foreign-invested companies (65 percent), compared to 44 percent in Hanoi .

The State-owned sector ranks second in the choice of employers, with 35 percent of respondents in the capital preferring public sector jobs, compared to nine percent in HCM City . The combined rate stands at 20 percent.

Sharing the second position are private and limited companies with 20 percent, 17 percent in Hanoi and 24 percent in HCM City .

Family companies and non-governmental organisations are the choice of a meagre 2 percent of the respondents.

Up to 77 percent said they would start their career as an employee, with no respondent revealing plans to start their own businesses. Three percent want to continue studies while 18 percent are not clear about their first jobs.

Jobs in administration and human resources are the most favoured by 27 percent of respondents (35 percent in Hanoi and 21 percent in HCM City ), followed by marketing with 22 percent (17 and 27 percent respectively in the two cities).

The financial/banking sector comes in the third position with 19 percent (15 and 25 percent respectively)

Around 57 percent (43 and 68 percent respectively in Hanoi and HCM City ) are willing to begin their career at the lowest position in a company if the job matches their qualifications and they like it.

Meanwhile, 32 percent (41 percent in Hanoi and 25 percent in HCM City) accept to start their career at lower or middle level management positions in jobs that they like and academically qualified for./.