The Party’s Politburo has issued a directive on accelerating the search and gathering of remains of fallen soldiers from now until 2020 and following years.

The search for the remains of those who fell down during wars is the responsibility of the Party, the whole population and the army, the Politburo said.

Directive No. 24-CT/TW requires Party committees at all levels to strengthen their leadership of this task in order to reap the most efficient outcomes.

The Politburo also instructed the establishment of a national steering committee on the search for fallen soldiers’ remains headed by one of the Deputy Prime Ministers and staffed by representatives of a number of relevant ministries and branches.

Military zones and localities which have large numbers of fallen soldiers still unaccounted for must set up special boards to guide the search, while the special task force in charge of this work should be consolidated.

At the same time, the directive calls for greater international cooperation in this field through the gathering and exchange of information and experience as well as the provision of equipment and technology.

A project on the search and gathering of soldiers’ remains between now and 2020 and beyond will be built in a bid to bring all fallen soldiers to their final resting places.

The Central Military Commission has been assigned to be in charge of the implementation of the directive.-VNA