Quang Ninh province will assist families losing their member in the waterway accident in Ha Long Bay on October 3 with 20 million VND each, while offering 10 million VND for each injured, according to Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Doc.

Besides, the province will also bear all cremating service fees for the dead if required, he added.

The committee met with the victims’ families to ensure the legal procedures to send the victims home, in accordance with their traditional practices.

Quang Ninh has also formed a working group to help the victims’ families to handle all the process.

Doc affirmed that investigation will be stepped up for the case. On October 5, Mac Van Duong, captain of Paradise QN 6688 boat who operated a tender carrying 18 Taiwanese tourists has been detained.

The accident occurred between Dong Phong 02 tourist boat and the tender. The tender sank after the collision, claming the lives of five Taiwanese.-VNA