On August 8th, district health centers in Hanoi began to take samples of oropharyngeal fluid to test RT-PCR for people coming back from Danang. Hanoi checked over 96.000 people returning from Danang, of which nearly 75.000 people returning from July 15 to now.

In the early of August, the city quick-tested on 72.000 people. All are negative.

However, the city recently discovered 2 cases of Covid-19. With the history of returning from Danang and had negative results with the quick test method. This fact caused Hanoi’s leaders to request RT-PCR tests for all cases coming back from Danang.

14 districts conducting PCR tests include Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Phuc Tho (where patient 752 was discovered), and Hoai Duc (where patient 785 was discovered).

The PCR test is the most accurate method at the moment. PCR test focuses on detecting genetic materials inside the virus.

Depend on the type of available PCR, health-care workers may use cotton buds to take a sample of saliva from phlegm of the throat. Hanoi planned to collect about 60.000 patient sample from August 7-13.

Hanoi’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) currently has 4 RT-PCR machines with the capacity of 1000 samples per day. When necessary, CDC Hanoi can order 5 more RT-PCR machines, which increases the testing capacity to 3.200 samples per day./.