The Hanoi People’s Court sentenced a Philippine national to death for drug trafficking on August 18.

Forty-year-old Emmanuel Sillo Camacho was arrested with cocaine hidden in his luggage at Noi Bai international airport on December 7, 2013.

Security forces discovered the white powder inside eighteen socks with the total weight exceeding 3,408 grams.

Camacho admitted that four months before the arrest, he met a woman named Jessica through Facebook who was living in Brazil. At their face-to-face meeting, Jessica hired the man to smuggle drugs into Vietnam, adding that she would offer him a job in Brazil or other countries with wages up to 1,500 USD per month.

The court said Camacho overlooked the Vietnamese law for a quick profit and deserved the capital punishment based on the large amount of cocaine sized two years ago.

Jessica’s identity is still under investigation.-VNA