The Hanoi People's Committee has forbidden officials and staffs from making numerous business trips abroad or participating in study tours organised or funded by local enterprises or directly invited by international companies.

The staffs include civil servants and others on the city's payroll.

The decision is part of a plan to strengthen the management of international group visits, issued recently in an effort to practise thrift and combat wastage of the city's resources.

According to the plan, the city's leaders and officials will not be allowed to travel abroad more than twice a year, and that too for absolutely necessary visits.

Visiting participants in a tour cannot be more than 10 persons and the travel duration has to be less than 10 days and should not include travelling to more than 3 countries, the directive stated.

Two key officials from an organisation will not be permitted to travel together for an overseas visit.

The city has also asked organisations and units to not organise overseas visits for leaders and staffs, the expenses for which are billed to the State budget. Visiting groups have also been requested to practise thrift and use low-cost airlines for travel.-VNA