Hanoi takes steps to handle traffic violations hinh anh 1A pedestrian bridge in Hanoi (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Authorities in Hanoi are taking action to stop pedestrians crossing streets without using overpasses.

The municipal Department of Transport recently asked its Inspectorate Department to work with units of the Department of Public Security and local authorities in disseminating and encouraging people to abide by the Law on Road Traffic, and strictly punish any violators.

The city currently has 70 pedestrian bridges, mainly at intersections and areas near schools and hospitals with heavy traffic. After opening, they have helped pedestrians to cross the road smoothly and safely.

However, many people have ignored pedestrian overpasses to save time, thus endangering themselves and others.

According to traffic experts, in addition to raising public awareness, it is also necessary to strengthen the application of coercive measures and resolutely handle violations in accordance with regulations./.