Hanoi People's Committee has urged authorities to increase supervision over the operation of private health clinics.

Municipal health authorities recently closed down about 110 clinics after inspections revealed many medical violations.

Many district and commune officials said they were puzzled about the management of the clinics, said the Committee's Vice-chairwoman Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc at a workshop on November 4.

Inspectors from the municipal health department visited 771 private health and pharmaceutical establishments and fined 371 a total of more than 3.4 billion VND (142,800 USD), according to the department's deputy director, Nguyen Van Yen.

He said as many as 110 private health clinics were suspended.

Vice Chairman of Hai Ba Trung district's People's Committee Cap Sy Phong said a shortage of medical inspectors made it difficult to regularly inspect all establishments.

The district's Health Office had only two officials in charge of private health, but they had to cover 600 clinics and establishments, he said.

Phong proposed the municipal health department increase co-operation and guidance to help them.

Vice-chairwoman of Dong Da district's Ha Thi Le Nhung said the lack of a legal framework for punishing violators was another challenge.

Vice-chairwoman of the municipal People's Committee Ngoc admitted that the number of private healthcare clinics was rising, but the number of medical inspectors were the same.-VNA