Hanoi will focus on transport, planning and administrative reform in 2012, according to resolutions adopted at the third session of the municipal People’s Council, 14 th term, which concluded on Dec. 10.

In measures to ease traffic jams, the city will boost planning, and invest in construction of key transport projects, including belt roads, highways to the city centre, urban railways, and underground and high-rise car parks.

In 2012, the city will strive to control inflation, stablise the economy, maintain suitable growth, as well as improve investment environment, renew investment structure and improve investment efficiency.

Priority will also be given to raising the competitiveness of the economy, ensuring social welfare and improving people’s spiritual and material life.

The city will strengthen planning works, the management of land, construction and urban order while building more framework infrastructure projects and striving for sustainable urban development.

Attention will be paid to the development of culture, education and training, science, healthcare, physical training and sports./.