Rich and strong beers from Belgium will be featured at Vietnam's first Belgian Beer Festival in Hanoi this week.

It will feature up to 30 varieties of the beverage and it is expected that when visitors get a taste it will probably become the first of a series, said Belgian Ambassador Bruno Angelet.

Known for their quality and variety since the Middle Ages, Belgium produces more than 1,000 different types of the beverage, Angelet said.

Beer festivals are held in different localities throughout Belgium all year round. They give brewers a chance to share their passion for the liquid, which forms a significant part of Belgian culture.

"Beer in Belgium is not just a drink, it's an essential part of social life, culture and tradition," said the ambassador. "Serving and drinking beer is an art with strict rules."

In April this year, Belgium took steps to have Belgian beer recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage product. During the debut event in the capital, beer connoisseurs will also be able to enjoy Belgian games, jazz and other activities.

The festival will start at 6pm, October 3, at the American Club, 21 Hai Ba Trung street, Hanoi.-VNA